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«Tomsk. Story Map»: a Photo-documentary Project Starts in Tomsk

The project dedicated to the history of wooden houses, their inhabitants, customs and traditions will be launched in Tomsk for the first time ever.

Photographers and journalists who will be collecting unique facts about historic houses during the whole year will take part in its implementation. The main characters in the project will be house residents.

In order to acquaint Tomsk residents with the interesting stories about wooden houses in Tomsk and their old residents, a special website is to be created where photo and video materials, and texts collected by journalists and photographers will be shared.

«Tomsk. Story Map» project is also a learning platform for those who want to improve their skills in documentary photography and photojournalism. Due to the involvement of famous Russian photographers in the project, Tomsk professionals will learn more about modern methods and guidelines to better reveal the topic of preservation of the town historical heritage through documentary photography.

The partners of the project are the Tomsk Regional Museum of Local History named after Mikhail B. Shatilov, Faculty of Journalism of National Research Tomsk State University, and the information portal «Tomsky Obzor».

Source: obzor.city