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Strelka KB has developed a platform to modernize panel-type houses

Strelka specialists have launched a multimedia platform «A New Vision for Typical Buildings», which offers solutions for modernization of typical residential buildings in Russia as an alternative to their mass demolition, reports Strelka Mag.

«Solutions provide an alternative to mass demolition. With the help of this platform, citizens will be able to find information about their home and study the catalogue of architectural solutions that allow to transform the usual housing, to equip convenient entrance groups and elevators, to improve the layout of flats, to organize new places for recreation, to develop service and improve the living environment in their area,» Strelka Mag reports.

As noted in the release, today every second citizen of Russia lives in a typical apartment building, built in the Soviet period. Specialists of Strelka propose not to demolish old housing, but to gradually modernize it. This will almost double the service life of typical houses.

Due to the fact that each such house consists of unified elements and is a kind of constructor, today it is possible to reassemble it in a completely new configuration, improving living conditions and quality of architectural solutions.

Strelka KB noted the main problems of the Soviet five-storey houses, including the lack of privacy on the ground floors, uncomfortable entrances, chaotic balconies, uncomfortable layout of apartments, lack of shops and places for rest. For each of the problems specialists offer several solutions. They have studied the archive drawings and identified six main structural types of houses. For each of them, they developed an illustrated catalogue of solutions presented on the platform «A New Vision for Typical Buildings».

The platform also provides a step-by-step guide to putting the solutions into practice. By studying six consecutive steps, residents of the panel five-storey buildings can get an idea of how to organize the process of modernizing their  house in accordance with urban planning and housing legislation.