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A new place for sports and events will appear in Lugano

In one of the cities of Switzerland, Lugano, a new place for sports and events will appear in the near future. The Municipality of Lugano (Switzerland) plans to implement a new public space project developed by the Swiss branch of the international landscape architecture studio “LAND”, transforming the “Al Maglio” sports park.

This project is designed in accordance with the UN sustainable development goals, considering that public welfare and sport are drivers of sustainable, economic and social development.

«The desire to restore health and revitalize a worn-out area, along with the need to build sports infrastructure, prompted our team to develop the concept of an integrated sports park […] In this project, the landscape component is harmoniously linked to the structures under construction. This led to the creation of a single large sports and recreation area,» says Federico Skopinic, director of the Swiss branch of the “LAND” studio.

The project of the “LAND” studio involves the reconstruction of the “Al Maglio” sports park in order to improve the infrastructure of the peripheral Maglio urban area and transform it into a public space in the renewed context of the urban landscape. The sports park will create a new perspective on the landscape as a living and integral organism.

The “Al Maglio” sports park renovation project offers an original interpretation of the landscape and a unique opportunity to accelerate progress towards global sustainable development goals, to rethink the model of social development based on new paradigms.

«In the post-pandemic era, restoring space for well-being and physical activity should be on the agenda of all municipal governments. We must grasp every opportunity to regain the landscape and reconnect with nature,» says Andreas Kiepar, architect of the “LAND” studio.

Source: archdaily.com