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Concept of public zone development in Dobrograd

Russian landscape company «Arteza» together with the design team of Dobrograd has developed a concept for the development of public areas in the city, which is being built from scratch in the Vladimir Region. The authors of the concept suggest creating apple and pear yards, building a green tunnel for children and a pedestrian tower on the embankment.

Dobrograd has been under construction near the city of Kovrov in the Vladimir Region since 2014. At the moment it is registered as a settlement but it is expected to receive the status of a city with the growth of population. Several hotels, residential buildings and a park have already been built in Dobrograd.

Now the architects have presented the concept of comprehensive development of the city. The territory was divided into recreational zones, yards, public spaces, children and sports grounds and city streets. For each of them were selected plants that distinguish one zone from another.

In each residential area certain types of fruit trees and shrubs will be planted. Thus, apple, plum, pear and other yards will appear in Dobrograd. In addition to greenery, the quiet residential areas will have awnings, compact areas for children’s games and sports.

The project also provides for the creation of several public areas, including large areas near the multifunctional center with a dry fountain and small areas.

When designing the public areas in the city, the uneven terrain was taken into account — the height difference in this area is about 32 meters. The project preserves the existing landscape and vegetation of Dobrograd to the fullest extent.