Organization of social spaces as a condition for high-quality human life in digital era: an interdisciplinary approach

Accents of this sphere are based on project obligations in educational field


The Organization of Social Spaces as a Condition for the High Quality of Human Life in the Digital Era: an Interdisciplinary Approach​

  1. Development of educational modules on the project’s subject for bachelor and master programs “Advertising and Public Relations”.
  2. Development of educational programs and courses relevant to the universities’ subject; in particular, three educational programs on placemaking and territorial brand management: 1) Place-management and place-making (in English); 2) “Brand Management of territories in the Digital age”; 3) “Network Society and Digital Nomadism”.
  3. Collaboration of the Laboratory of High-Hume New Media Technologies with Tomsk Region’s Administration in development and implementation of short-term educational courses on organization of social spaces and territorial branding.

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Resilience and subjective well-being of the youth living in urban, rural and nomadic Siberian communities

Making materials for educational courses, which are potentially relevant in the main educational programs’ context at different levels including «Clinical psychology» (specialist program, Faculty of Psychology) and «Social work» (master program, Faculty of Philosophy) directions, and TSSW autonomous master program » Russian Studies: Siberia».

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