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Connect-Universum-2018: «Digital Place Brand Management: Global and Local Aspects»

From November 29 to November 30, the IV International Transdisciplinary Research and Practice Online Conference “Connect-Universum-2018” will be held at the National Research Tomsk State University (TSU). The Conference will be the part of III International University Cities Forum.

The theme of the Conference:
“Digital Place Brand Management”: Global and Local Aspects

This year, “Connect-Universum” invites researchers and practitioners from different scientific areas and professional spheres to participate in discussing the issues of developing place brands (global and local) and managing them with the help of digital and Internet technologies.

The relevance of this problem is determined by the trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Klaus M. Schwab), which are digitalization and globalization of economies and cultures; expanding the range of innovation  technologies that includes artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT), and their convergence; hybridization of the ontology of the network information and communication society that blurs the boundaries between the real and the virtual (Mixed reality, MR); increasing mobility of people and capital; and an unprecedented increase in competition in all areas and at all levels.

These trends are becoming serious challenges for place managers of different levels and scales, who are facing the issues of keeping their economic independence and finding the cultural identity of the places they are responsible for. To be competitive, they need to create unique selling propositions, as well as develop new international, national, regional, municipal, and other types of infrastructures as «points of attraction» for the mobility of people and capital.

Since the Internet is the key channel for effective positioning and promoting place brands in the information and network society, it is digital brand management that becomes the main instrument of successful implementation of any place brand strategy.

The transdisciplinary approach to discussing the issues of digital place brand management allows us to look at this high-tech complex practice both as effective place brand management, and from the point of its essence and role in the information and network society.

The organizers of the “Connect-Universum-2018” Conference are planning a two-day webinar discussion.

Scientists, researchers, university professors and practitioners, including participants of the project “The Organization of Social Spaces as a Condition for the High Quality of Human Life in the Digital Era: an Interdisciplinary Approach”: Roberto Bruni, Steve Millington , Irina Kuzheleva-Sagan and other speakers will present their works at the “Connect-Universum-2018” Conference.

Working languages of the Conference — Russian and English

Organizational moments of the Conference:
The Program of the Conference will be posted on the website of the Conference 10 days prior the event.
Information Letter (PDF).

Registration for the webinar on the website of the Conference will start on November 15, 2018.

The “digital tracks” of the Conference will remain preserved on the bi-lingual website of the Conference, where one can find all materials from the previous conferences: reports on digital nomadism (2016)visual communications in new media (2014), and the influence of new media on consciousness and behavior of youth (2012).

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